This Mum Turned Herself Into The GREATEST Meme When Her Daughter Missed Dinner

2016-12-01 04:25:41Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Meet Taylor Hannon, a 19-year-old makeup lover from Florida.


One night, she was hanging out with her friends when her mum Cheryl, texted her asking if she was going to be home for dinner.

Taylor replied saying that she probably won't be and her mum replied to her text in the BEST way!


Her mum replied with a photo of herself as the evil Kermit meme and it was so funny that she decided to share it with the world on Twitter.




Everyone who saw the meme has flipped out and we honestly did too.


Don't you wish your mum was this cool?

As it turns out, Cheryl has been like this for years as Taylor explained to Buzzfeed.


"I honestly couldn't say I was surprised, anyone who knows my mum knows she does things like this all the time"

Mum of the year now officially goes to Cheryl!


Image: @rileypar

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