This Mum Made The Cruelest 18th Birthday Cake For Her Daughter

2016-09-01 23:58:12Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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This mum taught her 18-year-old daughter the best lesson but in the cruelest way.

Abbi Price from England recently celebrated her 18th birthday… like most of us when we turn 18 she had a few drinks.

Unfortunately, Abbi may have had a few too many and ended up with her head down the toilet.

Her mum being a mum, literally took a photo of the situation and used that picture to teach her a lesson.

She turned it into a cake.

Literally, the cake shows her bent over the toilet… but they left out the kitty litter in background of the original photo.

Shout out to the talented bakers at Mockadoodleyou in Coventry England for the masterpiece.

We are sure that Abbi will get revenge on her mum on her next birthday.

We definitely do not encourage binge or underage drinking in any way.

Image Credit: Twitter/@abbiprice_

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