This Mum Had To Change Her Daughter’s Name After No One Could Pronounce It

2016-08-09 23:34:53Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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This American mother felt the need to change her daughter's name after three-months because everyone else found it too hard.

We get it, parents want to protect their children and make sure that they don’t get hurt or teased… but Carri Kessler, from Maryland, US, and her husband Will literally went to the extreme to make sure their daughter had the best start in life.

They changed her name before she could even talk.

When their baby girl was born, the couple decided on the name Ottilie. Carri said she fell in love with the name after hearing it from a friend in the UK.

To be honest, we love it, it’s different and super cute… but can we pronounce it? We don’t think so.

Soon after they took Ottilie home, they realised that no one understood what they were saying or how to say her name.

Carri and Will did an interview with TODAY and they revealed that, they told friends and family to say Ottilie with a British accent because it sounds better… but they soon realised that getting her whole family to adopt a British accent just to say the name was a but unrealistic… because well no one could say it.

Her grandmother even started to sticking post-it notes around the house with the correct way to pronounce it… and they then decided enough was enough and they literally changed her name.

So what did they do? The parents sent a group email telling their family and friends… how 2016 of them.

The girls name went from Ottilie to Margot and they lived happily ever after.

Side note, Margot is an epic name…

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