This Map Shows You What Every Country Is “Best” At

2016-12-07 04:34:50Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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It's almost 2017 which means that almost all the statistics for basically everything are in! 

Information is Beautiful has put together pretty much every statistic taken down over 2016 and figured out which country is "best" at what. 

And we say "best" because they're not all stats you'd be bragging about - ie. Australia being number one in data breaches and the USA for spam emails. 

All the data has been separated into nine categories: commodity (pink), psychology (blue), ecology (green), gastronomy (light purple), economy (grey), nicety (yellow), humanity (dark purple), technology (red) and nasty (black). 

The data comes from multiple sources including the World Bank and Guinness World Records and was put together by David McCandless at

Image credit: Information is Beautiful 

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