This Makeup Fail Is HILARIOUS And The Internet Just Can't Handle It

2016-12-01 01:24:16Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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No one likes being in a car crash, it's scary and makes everyone freak out.

Twitter user @hellocojo was in a minor accident over the weekend. 

Everyone in the car came out of it unscathed, but they also came out with some crazy photos of what happened in the back seat.

One of the backseat passengers face-planted the headrest in front of them when the car stopped and left a perfect imprint of their made-up face.

This is probably the most outrageous thing to come out of a car crash that we've ever seen!

The imprint clearly shows the passengers nose and lips and when @hellocojo posted the photo, the internet went nuts!


Users flooded her account with laughs and even posted some makeup imprints of their own, showing the unfortunate passenger that they aren't alone in this world.


This picture has taught us two valuable lessons.

One, always pay attention whilst driving and two, invest in setting spray.

Image: NBC

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