This Little Boy’s Note About His Anger Towards His Mum Is Just So Adorable

2016-08-25 03:44:00Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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This little boy had won the Internet after he had just had enough with his mum.

A note has gone viral after a young boy told his mum he was "mad at her" and that he would "tuck himself in."

He also made the brave statement saying he did not want to be "read to."

The picture was originally posted on Reddit and it gained a lot of attention.

It was captioned with, "My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight."

While we don’t know exactly what the mum did to make her son be so mad, but we do know that Reddit users responded in the most perfect ways.

Some user saying, "PLOT TWIST, Owen is her husband."

Another making a very good point, "you can’t tuck yourself in. Your arms are outside the blanket."

In just four days, the picture has received more than 1,200 comments.

Oh kiddies we love you.

Image credit: Reddit/Leability

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