This Kendall & Kylie Meme Sent The Internet Into An Extremely Amusing Meltdown

2016-09-29 00:22:00Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Sometimes we don't like the lurkers of the net, but sometimes we do. In this case, we do.

There are certain situations where you really have to have a long, hard think before you act. Tweeting, for example. You must ask yourself - are you sure you want to Tweet this? Don't for a second think that because of the other 900 million accounts your Tweet won't get picked up. 

We wish that someone had told this to Twitter user @negansvoid before she Tweeted out a pic of the Jenner sisters, saying "name a more iconic duo... I'll wait." She wasn't waiting long.

Now, we're not entirely dismissing her point, they are quite iconic... All we're saying is this is what happens when you put something like that out there to the underworld that is Twitter.

Photo credit: @negansvoid 

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