This Is The Worst Hay Fever Season In Years!

2016-11-07 05:08:26Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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This year's hayfever season is predicted to be the worst in years. 

The ABC says a wet winter is set to give way to a sneezy spring in south-eastern Australia with experts warning winter rains have lead to increased grass and more pollen in the air. 

This year Australia had it's 7th wettest July on record. 

Melbourne University botanist, Associate Professor Ed Newbigin, told the ABC lower rainfall in previous years meant there had not been much grass pollen around.

"This year will be different — people will notice their symptoms and think it is probably the worst season ever," he said. 

"It's probably not the worst season ever, but it is certainly worse than the past few seasons that we've had."

We're really not surprised!

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