This Is The SEXIEST Town In Australia And It's Not Where You Think!

2016-12-27 01:47:53Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Well, the results are in and we now know where Australia's Sexiest Town is!

The news comes from online adult store Femplay, who gathered data on which towns spend the most money on 'sexy' toys.

And the winner?

Toowoomba in Queensland!


The town only has a population of 100,000 and is about 125 kilometres outside Brisbane, rural and very playful.

There must be something about living in Queensland because Toowoomba was closely followed by Gladstone, Beenleigh, Ayr and Ipswich, which are all located in the sunshine state.


If you thought this was surprising then you're not the only ones.

Toowoomba is most famous for its flower festival, so to have the highest rate of NSFW toy purchases is a statistic we definitely didn't see coming!


But you do you Toowoomba, you do you!


Image: Weekend Times Toowoomba

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