This Is The Most Foolproof Sick Day Excuse For Work

2016-09-21 00:08:29Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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Everyone has days where they just can't muster the strength to get into the office. There's an extremely long list of excuses that you could use to convince you employer that you're truly 'sick', but we now know which excuse works across the board. 

A recent study has found that the most foolproof sick day excuse is to tell your employer that you have the flu.


The study asked over 1000 senior business leaders about what they considered important enough for a person to be absent from the office and the flu was the most common answer.

The flu was closely followed by back pain and injury from an accident, but the good ol' "I have a cold" excuse was right down the bottom of the list.

So maybe don't try that one anymore because you'll most likely get caught out. 

Images: The Mirror. Paramount Pictures

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