This Is The First Thing Men Notice When They First See A Woman!

2016-11-07 21:47:54Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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When boy meets girl... what does the boy think?

We've pondered this question many a time over the years and obvs know that it should be our unique and sparkling personality that draws the guys in by the truck load. 

Unfortunately, boys aren't always as in-depth as we like them to be and it's not always the first thing they notice.

But it's the thing that will keep them hooked in the long run. 

In the short run, though, what is it that actually gets their heads turning in our direction? 

Well, a poll of 6000 men was carried out, thanks to Women's Health Magazine, and the answer is in!

Is it our body as a whole? Is it our legs? Our eyes? Or is it the one thing everyone preaches is what guy's notice first - our spectacular breasts?

The answer may surprise you (and prove there's hope for men out there). 

According to the poll, the first thing a man notices is... * drum roll, please *... our face! 

Our flawless, beautiful, unique face.

Over 38% of men answered that a face is the first attractive attention stealer. 

34% of the men in the poll opted to choose that our bums are real head-turners. No matter what shape and size. 

Now we all know by now that Vogue has deemed cleavage to be OUT of fashion (which means you all don't have to conform to wearing the lowest cut tops possible, unless it really tickles your fancy!), but women's fashion opinions don't exactly intersect with men's... 

18% revealed that our breasts are what catch their attention first, followed by 1 in 10 of the poll stating that our legs are where their eyes first land upon.

You're probably all either a) going to go out and buy whatever best accentuates these features, b) throw a tantrum about how guys obviously are just objectifying us and only see our bodies, or c) will go about your day not giving a f#@% about what guy's think and being your flawless self. 

In regards to option B, it turns out that women kinda do the same thing... because according to Men's Health women notice a man's eyes first, then his smile and then his height and hands. Of the 100 women polled, not one of them said tha it was a man's package their eyes were drawn to. 

Because their 'eyes are up here!'

Oh and Evolutionary Psychology revealed that it's the men who show kindness and compassion that are the real head turners. Take note, men: when you're nice you don't finish last.

Maybe Men's Health and Women's Health are just trying to troll us into conforming to body standards... we're just going to remain our awesome selves and attract guys with our awkwardness.

Image Credit: Screen Gems.

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