This Is How You AVOID Being Downgraded On A Flight

2016-10-13 04:23:00Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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For most us getting on a flight is a good sign, the ability to take to the skies and get out, a sense of calm overwhelms you and you cannot wait to get to your exciting new destination!

So what could potentially go wrong? Well we are talking flight downgrades for one thing! They could be a real buzzkill on your holiday... especially if you are a flyer of the business class variety! writer Michael Gebicki, has penned an essay explaining why some of the more premium air travellers are subjected to being downgraded by an airline.

"Airlines overbook, but that doesn't happen in upper classes. Far more likely is that an aircraft allocated to fly a sector is replaced by a smaller aircraft with less business-class capacity. It can happen on any airline – a world-class airline is no absolute guarantee that you'll be sitting in the business or premium economy seat you've paid for."

So much for VIP treatment! So who exactly is first off the rank to be downgraded?

"First candidates for the order of the boot are those who paid for their seats using reward points. Those who paid cold hard cash are going to get monetary compensation of some sort but that won't happen in the case of points bookings, and airlines hate parting with cash. Next, the airline will apply the love test. Elite-level flyers with heaps of status credits who have demonstrated their loyalty as reflected in the number of points in their account are the least likely to lose their seats, those further down the status level are vulnerable."

Ouch, so much for bang for your back! So how exactly do you avoid being the victim of a "downgrade"? Michael suggests the following: 

"Loyalty is key. Stick to one airline as far as possible and use their affiliated credit cards to rack up yet more points. Business class seats are more heavily booked on certain days depending on where you're heading, and this puts pressure on seats, particularly if you've booked using reward points. Try for a quieter day."

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