This Guy Was Really Chill During A Python Attack

2016-09-20 01:05:25Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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A video of a python attack is currently sweeping the internet and it's already had over 1.7million views.

The video, originally posted on Youtube by prehistoricpetstv, shows a guy named Jay Brewer sitting in a python pen because you know, that's where all of the cool kids are hanging out these days.

Most of the pythons seem okay with jay chilling out in the pen, but one seems to want him gone as soon as possible.

The white python in the pen begins to attack Jay and head straight for the face. For some reason he laughs the attacks off, ignoring the fact that the python is actually trying to kill him!

The python doesn't back down and Jay seems to really just enjoy the fact that he's getting launched at by a massive snake.

Note to self: don't jump into a python pen when they clearly don't want you there. 

Image: FWCmedia

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