This Girl’s At-Home Face Mask Treatment Went HORRIBLY Wrong & It Looks So PAINFUL

2017-02-11 03:35:37Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Can't afford to go and get a facial?

Then grab yourself a face mask and give yourself one at home!

So many women opt for an at-home treatment rather than a salon treatment not only because it's more affordable, but because it's a hell of a lot of fun to do.



Joanna Dolan bought herself a peel off blackhead mask to give herself a little pampering on Saturday night.

She applied it to her entire face, just as the bloggers do, but what she then realised, was that her particular mask was only supposed to go on her nose.

We all know how painful it is to slowly peel a blackhead strip from your nose, so image how Joanna felt when she realised she had to peel off this heavy penetrating mask her ENTIRE face!

She decided to share her experience with the world on Facebook and it has 28,000 views already.

She posted it either as a warning to fellow mask users or just for funsies but either way, watching it just makes your face hurt.

Even if you have nothing being peeled off it.

"Please everyone pray for my skin. I might not have any left by the time I pull this all off.

"How are people that do beauty tutorials so calm about peeling this stuff off?"

The eternal question.

Watch the full video here and just a heads up, there's a lot of swearing because you know, PAIN!

Image: Joanna Dolan Facebook

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