This Girl Cut Her Own Hair Off In A Hilarious Plan To Sneak Out

2016-11-29 23:46:29Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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When you were younger, all you wanted to do was go to all the cool parties.

Unfortunately for you, though, these parties always seemed to happen when you were either grounded or forced to stay home because of some other family commitments.

We obviously aren't like that nowadays. 


We'd rather sit on the couch working on our "night cheese" a la Liz Lemon, but these girls still sneak out and went to some pretty extreme lengths to do so earlier this week.

Shannon Hay and Kiera Wilson weren't allowed to go to a party and so they did what every normal teenager would do, they stuffed their doonas with pillows and cut off their OWN hair to fool their parents.


They obviously aren't too worried about the weird short patch of hair that they would now have.

Shannon posted the whole thing on Twitter and Snapchat and it has now gone viral.

She better hope her mum doesn't have Twitter!

Image: @shannonhay5

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