This Couple Waited 9 Years To Open This Gift And The Reason Will Make You Cry

2016-09-08 01:02:32Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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This is really a love story for all ages and we challenge you to not shed a tear! 

An American couple Kathy and Brandon Gunn who hail from Michigan, celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary this May after tying the knot in 2007 have a very and heartwarming story that accompnies their almost decade long marriage.

Unlike let's be serious 99% of us who are just DYING to open our wedding presents as soon as the cake has been cut, this adorable couple actually had a very good reason for not wanting to open their wedding gifts. 

On a post that has now garnered over 12,000 likes and 1,500 shares,  Kathy posted a photo of an unopened gift  that had been given to her by her great aunt, the reason why the gift remained untouched was quite mystifing until she explained. 

The gift was accompanied by an envelope that read "Do not open until your first disagreement". 

 “Now, there had obviously been plenty of disagreements, arguments and slammed doors throughout our 9 year. There were even a couple of instances where we both considered giving up...but we never opened the box.” 

Until a day in May earlier this year, the couple were enjoying a wine on their deck and thinking about what kind of wedding present to gift to close friends, when they got thinking about their unopened gift from almost a decade ago. 

Kathy wrote that they were “too stubborn and determined” to open the box all these years and had felt for so long that opening it would be some kind of relationship failure.

She followed by saying "It forced us to reassess situations,was it really time to open the box? What if this isn’t our worst fight? What if there’s a worse one ahead of us and we don’t have our box?!? As my Great Uncle Bill would say, ‘Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn’t get worse."

However, the couple decided to finally open the box and what they found will make your heartfelt. What they found inside was two hand-written notes wrapped around some cash, wine glasses, a vase and bath products. The note addressed to Kathy instructed her to use the money to buy a pizza and to get a bath ready. The note addressed to Brandon instructed him to use the cash to buy flowers and a bottle of wine. 

Soo adorable , we cannot even deal!

However, Kathy did stress that beyond the contents of the box what was most important about their discovery was the overall message.

“For 9 years (and three moves) that box sat high on a shelf in various closets gathering dust, yet it somehow taught us about tolerance, understanding, compromise and patience.”

 "Our marriage strengthened as we became best friends, partners, and teammates. Today, we decided to open that box, because I finally had a realization. I realized that the tools for creating and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never within that box – they were within us.”

Such a true and important message and really looks at the true value of love

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