This Christmas Scented Toilet Paper Is Just WAY Too Much

2016-11-11 03:16:17Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We're getting closer and closer to December which means you've probably already seen Christmas decorations being sold in Target.

In Australia, Christmas means sunny family barbecues, cricket on the beach and walking around in your swimmers all day, but in England it's quite different.

The British will be huddled around the fire carving roasted birds, watching the snow fall outside and sipping some hot mulled wine.

Mulled wine is the best thing to drink on colder days and has the perfect blend of spices that make it smell as amazing as it tastes. 

Tesco, a British supermarket, has taken its love of mulled wine to a whole new level by selling mulled spice scented toilet paper for the holidays.

Um... what?


Mulled wine smells amazing but it's scent should stay well away from our nether regions!

Tesco, what in Rudolph's name are you doing?

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