This Bride Unveiled An Amazing Transformation On Her Wedding Day

2016-10-14 01:06:16Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Every woman wants to look beautiful for their wedding day, and 24-year-old Haley Smith went to extremes to look stunning.

When she was proposed to, the Texas native weighed in at 102kgs and she said that when she saw the photos from that very special moment she cried, but not for the reasons you'd think.

She told Caters News Agency that she thought she looked awful in the photos and hated her weight.

“I was overweight my whole life. I was a chubby little kid and teen. In college is when the real weight gain began.

“I bought whatever looked good and had an unlimited college dining meal plan - so I went crazy.”

So what did this amazing woman do next? She decided to shed the weight that made her feel so self-concious.

#transformationtuesday I've been asked to post my story a couple of times, so here goes. The left picture was on my proposal day on July 18, 2015, and the right was my bridal shower on August 6, 2016. When Matt proposed last year, I saw my pictures and didn't even recognize myself. My whole adult life, I have struggled with my weight, but this was my highest. I had let myself go and didn't even realize how far I had gotten. On that day, I made up my mind to make a change. I was tired of hiding in pictures, getting winded walking across a parking lot, skipping out on activities, feeling lazy, and most of all being embarrassed of myself. No ONE thing made me how I am today. It was a combination of about every health and fitness option I could find. So don't think there's some magic pill, wrap, gym membership, meal, vitamin, app, surgery, diet, workout, waist trainer, book, hypnosis, shake, powder or anything else that will just do it for you. It's finding your own way and using the tools that work for you. It's making the right healthy choices for your body. In the last year, I've made some big life choices and huge lifestyle changes, and I couldn't be more happy with myself. I still have a long way to go on this journey, and I'm not giving up. #beforeandafter #motivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #proposal #bridalshower

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Haley started to run everyday and clean up her diet. She trained for two hours a day, only a small space of time in the grand scheme of things, and quickly noticed changes. 

Now, a full year after to proposal, she emerged as a beautiful bride who had shed 49.8 kilos.

Sorry it took so long to get a picture up! Matt and I actually have ZERO full body pictures of us alone or of just me. 🙄🙄 We have to wait until we get back to get a picture of us together from the photographer, but even from them, there are NO pictures of just me in the dress haha. So if you are getting married, be sure your photographer, family and friends remember to get pictures of just YOU and just YOU and your HUSBAND!! Because unfortunately we didn't, and that sucks haha. So here are pictures from my bridal shots the week before the wedding! I'll post another shortly, and when I get the pictures of Matt and I in like 3 weeks, I'll post that! So until then, I'll post random wedding pictures, and of course, my adventure in New Zealand, starting in Queenstown today! #smithsquared #octoberbride #maggiesottero #maggiesotterobride #bridalpictures #newzealand #honeymoon #queenstown #milfordsound

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If that's not determination then we don't know what is! 


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