This Bride Had An Epic Daddy Daughter Dance At Her Wedding And It's Going Viral

2016-11-07 02:13:49Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The Daddy-Daughter dance is a wedding tradition. 

It's a beautiful moment where the bride gets to share a magical moment in her life with the main man that has taken care for her throughout childhood. 

It's a lovely sentiment and something many brides look forward too, but some brides tend to think that the dance is quite dull.

Traditionally, the Daddy-Daughter dance is a slow waltz but this bride, known only as Mikayla, performed a very unconventional dance with her dad "Nate-Daddy" and nailed it!

After performing a small waltz, the pair split apart and just went crazy.

They started off with a little running man.

Followed by a quick shuffle.

And finished with a bit of NSYNC moves.

And that is called a bridal mic drop my friends.

Images: BP Film & Photo

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