This Bride Found A Way To Bring Puppies To Her Wedding

2016-09-21 01:15:39Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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Sarah Mallouk Crain works at a animal resue organisation called Pitties Love Peace and when she got married recently, she found a great way to bring some of her furry friends to her wedding.

Sarah decided to ditch the traditional floral bouquets for a group of puppies at her wedding and it was probably the most adorable thing that's happened ever. No exceptions. 


Sarah spoke to Buzzfeed News after the wedding and said, "Animals are just a huge, huge part of our life and we wanted to find ways to incorporate them. I think you can also see the pure joy in everyone’s faces when they’re holding a puppy. It’s not a fake joy. It was just so beautiful."

Everyone loves a cute puppy, even those devoted cat lovers can't help but gush over them, so it's fair to say this was the cuddliest wedding we've ever seen and probably ever will see. 

Images: Caroline Logan Photography

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