This Baby Is All Of Us When Getting Our Hair Washed

2016-11-23 00:37:32Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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One of the most relaxing things in the world is getting your hair washed in a salon.

Most ladies will know that getting your hair done is amazing as it is, but when your having shampoo and conditioner massaged into your scalp, it's utter perfection.

A new video is sweeping the internet and it's literally the cutest thing ever.

A newborn baby is receiving their very first hair wash and realises straight away how comforting the process is.

Just watch how happy this beautiful bub gets when the water rushes over those clean strands.

When the shampoo is lightly massaged into her head, the baby closes her eyes and leans back with totally content facial expression, something we've all done at the salon many times before.

Soooo who's booking in their next salon visit?

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