HOLD UP! These Amazing Netflix Hacks Are Here To Save Your Weekend

2016-11-19 00:39:26Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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There are a fair few sneaky Netflix hacks that have been circling the internet over the last couple of months.

The hidden genre codes helped us find a more curated selection of shows for us to binge watch, but now we've uncovered some more great hacks to enhance your Netflix viewing.


1. Utilise Multiple Profiles

Most Netflix users are able to create extra profiles on their accounts so that everyone in the family has their own curated selection. But for those of us who don't have a significant other to share accounts with and children to cater for, we can create extra profiles just to suit our mood.

Create one profile purely for your inner action hero, a second for your tear-jerkers and a third for your necessary eye candy. Each account will fine tune your recommendations so you don't have to scroll for hours just to get to a shirtless Chris Hemsworth.


2. Control How Much Data You Use

Netflix can be viewed on a variety of devices, but unfortunately, when streaming on your phone, the app can chew up your data. But now you can navigate to a page where you can reduce the amount of data you use.

By navigating to Your Account, selecting My Profile and going into Playback Settings, you can choose from the Auto, Low (uses only 0.3GB an hour), or High (uses around 3GB an hour) data options, which will allow you to stream your favourite shows on your commute home without the massive phone bill. 


3. Use Different Internet Browsers For A Better Picture

Most of us would stream Netflix using Google Chrome but as it turns out, the browser only allows us to watch videos in 720p which is fine for a computer, but not on a TV. 

When you plug your laptop into your TV to watch Netflix, try using Safari if you're a Mac user or Microsoft Edge. These browsers will let you stream in 1080p, making each picture look crystal clear.


4. Banish The 'Continue Watching' Button Forever!

Have you ever been in the middle of an extremely good Gilmore Girls marathon and had that little 'Continue Watching' button pop up mid-episode?

Us too, and it's annoying as hell.

This button only appears after you haven't touched your keyboard for a while (which is pretty easy to do when each episode automatically plays for you), so to stop it you can download the Flix Assist extension for Google Chrome and it will press that nasty button for you when it appears. 


Now go and grab some chips and dip, because you're in for the best Netflix marathon of your life!


Image: Netflix

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