These Hairstyles Can Cause Serious Hair Loss For Women & Men

2016-10-04 01:28:41Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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When we are feeling lazy AF or just want to have a day where we don’t force ourselves to get all glammed up, having our hair up in a pony tail seems like one of the easiest go-to hairstyles to do.

It never used to be a very laid back style, considering our mums used to slick our hair back in a tight pony tail or bun to wear to school each day, or to afternoon sports.

She sure knew how to make you feel like you’d just had a freakin’ facelift…

For many of us, this hairstyle is just a hairstyle. But for others it seems like it may be responsible for some pretty scary and disastrous things…

Former dancer Diva Hollands has come out to the public about the dangers and consequences of having worn her hair in a tight bun (as tight as our mums used to tie ours) for years… after her hairline started receding and she began losing hair at the age of 13.

The mental toll of this was incredibly heavy on Diva, who reportedly suffered from years of bullying and even refused to allow her fiancé to see her hair tied up…

What Diva was suffering from what is called traction alopecia, which is the loss of hair as a result of persistent gentle pulling on the roots over many hours of a day. This results in bald spots, hair loss and receding hairlines.

Diva eventually underwent surgery for a follicular unit transplant to help fix the alopecia.

What hairstyles put you at risk?

Pony Tails

Tight buns


Man Buns

Anything that’s going to pull…

Hair loss isn’t just a male problem! It can happen to everyone and we need to stamp out social stigmas and inform all women

Image Credit: Getty / Dr. Edward Ball

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