These Grandparents Are FUMING Over The Message On Their Granddaughter's Lush Tub

2017-01-04 02:55:26Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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When you're thinking of Christmas gifts for your girlfriends, what's the first thing you think you should get them?

A Lush gift pack, of course!

Every girl loves a bit of ethical beauty goodness to soothe the soul and skin after a long week at the office.

A couple in the UK thought that a Lush pack would be the perfect Christmas present for their granddaughter as well, but once she opened the present, they were less than impressed with the item's description.

Richard and Tracey Shiner bought their eight-year-old granddaughter the Little Snow Fairy bath set for Christmas, a lovely pack that contains shower gel and bath putty.


As you all would know, each Lush bottle has a little description of the product on the side telling you how to use it and it's incredible benefits for you.

The description on the side of the shower gel read "invite someone into the shower", which obviously made the little girl curious about why she would do that.


"My wife spends quite a bit of money in Lush and bought two sets for my two grandchildren," Richard explained to The Sun.

"It didn't say anything about age restrictions or anything.

"They opened their bits and pieces on Christmas night, and Macy undid her one.

"It was called 'Little Snow Fairy' which to me indicates it's ideal for kids.

"I happened to pick up the bottle and was reading aloud how to use it.

"The instructions on the shower gel says: 'How to use: If you really don't know how to use this, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate.'

"I couldn't believe it said that. Then, of course, Macy was asking me what it meant."


Richard explained that it meant she could take her pet, Buddy into the bath with her, but he felt that would have been inappropriate also.

He did contact Lush to complain about the packaging, something he said he's never done to any company, stating that there should be an age limit on the label.

Do you think Lush products should be for kids?

Or even, just made more kid friendly?

Image: @lush_ausnz Instagram


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