These Are The Trend Predictions For Weddings In 2017

2016-10-07 04:54:33Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

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Weddings are serious business and for most brides to-be they are something that need to be planned within an inch of perfection and with 2016 scarily coming to a close we are excited to see what 2017 holds for us in terms of wedding trends. 

So if you are tying the knot in 2017 these are the rules, trends and predictions are going to make your wedding the best day of your life. Thanks to Brides magazine wedding planner, David Tutera this is what you will need to know to.

Don't change location

"Guests should stay in one location, and keep the energy escalating and flowing...You can create movement and energy in one environment with lighting, entertainment, opening up a different bar or dessert station, etc."

The Bride and Groom actually need to spend time together!

"What's been happening is couples separate to their friends and don't hang out with their significant other on their celebration. That's not good. That's something I am trying to force people to understand is incredibly important."

Paper Rules

"Paper's going to be big for 2017, incorporate it into your bouquet, favours and decorations people are usually surprised" about what you can do with paper."

Out with the rule book

"I am not a fan of receiving lines, I think it creates a large barrier of etiquette for that celebration - it's too formal."

A picture speaks a thousand words

The time BEFORE the actual wedding when the bride and groom see eachother.

 The wedding when the photographer takes the bride and groom aside so the groom can have the 'first look' at the bride, and his reaction is caught on camera. I love first looks. I think they're brilliant. It takes me forever to convince a bride and groom to do that. They're more personal - I love them.

So what are you waiting for, brides-to-be?! Go crazy in 2017. 

Photo Credit-Instagram/VogueAustraliabrides



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