These Are The Top 10 Baby Names For Boys That Are Now Being Used For Girls

2016-11-07 04:48:02Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Looks like Blake Lively has started a new baby trend.

With the actress naming her first daughter James, she has ignited a whole new trend of parents using boys names for their baby for their baby girls.

For years, unisex names have been used for boys and girls, but this seems to be the first time that boys names have crossed over into the girls territory.

A new list of boys names now being commonly used for girls has surfaced and apparently, some of these names have been male-oriented since Biblical or Roman times.

Talk about making history!

Top Ten Male Baby Names Being Used For Girls

  • August
  • Spencer
  • Ezra
  • Tyler
  • Carson
  • Lincoln
  • Austin
  • Noah
  • Jude
  • Christian

Didn't expect those now did you? 

This is the beginning of a very unconventionally named generation. 

Image: @chrissyteigen

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