These Are The Things You Should NEVER DO To A Pimple

2016-11-21 01:22:53Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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No one has ever or will ever say that they love pimples.

Unless you’ve read articles that say if you suffer acne at a young age, you’re skin will actually age slower when you’re older…

But still, most of us hate pimples and we will do anything to get rid of them.

But it turns out that there are some common things we all do to try and fight them off which are actually making matters WORSE.

Don’t want to be in that category anymore? Then follow these rules! 

DON’T Pile On The Products

You might think that planning a full-scale attack on your zit will work by throwing all the pimple products you can at it… but it won’t.

If you pile too many products on, then you’re going to make the healing process longer as your skin gets distressed. Stick to one product and wait it out. 

DON’T Apply Hot Compresses

We all believe that heat is going to help unclog our pimple-ridden pore, right?


According to LA dermatologist Jessica Wu, M. D., “Heat will only make it redder and angrier.”

Instead of rushing to get a warm cloth, use a cotton swab to dab on something like Visine, that will constrict the blood vessels surrounding your pimple and reduce the redness.

Know When To STOP Popping

Sometimes we go a bit cray-cray and will keep squeezing a pimple as if we are digging to China, trying to get rid of every trace of the zit…

That’s a bad idea.

Especially if we have a white-head, we tend to squeeze even after it comes out easily. You need to stop squeezing once it is out, otherwise blood starts to ooze out and you’re going to end up with a hard-to-cover scab!

The pitted scars left behind from doing this are very hard to treat, so know when to stop!

Do NOT Scrub Your Face Away

When we have a tonne of pimples pop up or are suffering from acne, we might think we have a hygiene problem and that our skin isn’t clean enough, so we’ll spend our morning and night routine scrubbing away at our face with products.

This will only make things worse, because over-cleaning and over-scrubbing will irritate “the skin’s protective barrier.”

Slow down and try something more gentle.

DON’T Squeeze Blind Pimples

We HATE deep/blind pimples. The one’s you can’t really see but feel like marbles under our skin because they haven’t erupted yet. Oh and they hurt like hell!

Trust us, they are NOT going to pop, no matter how hard you try…

You’re going to need to wait for it to go away in its own time.

If you can’t and have a lot of moolah laying around, Wu has suggested you talk to a dermatologist about a cortisone injected, that can shrink it in a day. 

As Our Mums Say - DON’T Pick At It

Ever since we were little, our parents repeated the phrase ‘don’t pick at it’ whenever we had a sore or zit. Well, we should have listened.

Picking it will only spread bacteria even more and can lead to nasty scars.

Turns out mother really might know best…

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