These Are The Things You Can FINALLY Enjoy Now That It's Summer

2016-12-01 05:12:10Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Summer has officially arrived and really, it's about time it did!

Even though our winters aren't exactly cold (unless you're a Melbourne Or Hobart resident), when the winter months come around we tend to catch up on our favourite Netflix shows, rather than actually go outside.


But now summer is here, we can get some fresh air and partake in some traditions that can only be done during the warmer seasons.


Here's our list of things that you can FINALLY do now that summer is here!

Spend The Whole Day At The Beach

Have you ever been surfing? It's an unique experience, connecting with nature!

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In winter, if it's warm enough for you to go to the beach, you can only go for about two or three hours before the temperature drops. Now, from sunrise to sunset you can spend your day getting sand between your toes and swimming in the fresh ocean.

Walk Around In Your Swimmers All Day

Looking back at Turks

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Even if you don't plan on going to the beach, you can still walk around in your swimmers all day because really, it's too hot for clothes anyway. If you've just bought new ones and haven't had the chance to show them off yet, break them in at home! Kylie Jenner isn't the only one who can rock the swimwear shot.

Have A Pool Party 

#zerogravitydubai #poolparty #myduck

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Got a flamingo floaty that's been collecting dust? Time to pull it out and have a sweet time in the pool. Pump up some tunes and spend your day frolicking in some salt water and chlorine. This is definitely a good option for those who oppose sand.

Have Dinner Outside Because It Won't Be Pitch Black


Everyone loves a romantic dinner, but now that summer has come, you'll be able to have dinner and watch the sunset now that our days are longer. In winter, you could still eat outside, but it would be pitch black and unless you're eating something warm, you'd probably be freezing. Now make yourself your favourite meal, pop a few flowers on your table for a sweet fragrance and watch the sun go down. 

Watch A Hectic Thunderstorm


Now those of us who love a good thunderstorm generally grab the popcorn when they see some dark clouds rolling in. Summer is, unfortunately, our storm season which can sometimes be the worst thing ever if your storm turns into something much bigger. Other nights, though, a good thunderstorm is perfect entertainment and who doesn't love the adrenaline rush of a loud thunder clap?

Make An Icey Cocktail


You can amp up your Friday night drinks with frozen cocktails because summer has no place for room temperature drinks. Whether you like a Pina Colada or Long Island Iced Tea, chilly cocktails are the perfect way to end a scorchingly hot week.

Happy Summer, Australia!


Image: @clare.odell

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