These Are The 7 Hilariously Accurate Types of Guests You See At Every Wedding

2016-07-13 07:07:15Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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So we know that planning a wedding takes a small army, practically a mortgage loan and the ears of anyone that will listen to you talk about your endless plans for your perfect day. Bridezilla some may think, however think completely normally and totally rational  when you are a bride!? After all you only want to do it once right?!

As different and unique as every wedding is, there are always a few guarantees when it comes to the guests that can either make or break your special day!

1.The Single Gal

 As much we love our single gals, you can always trust that weddings can be a tipping point for some girls. They either go two ways... embracing the party and the opportunity to potentially mingle with some groomsmen, or you are left wiping their tears away with a tablecloth and reassuring them they will find their own white knight. 

2. The Mario Testino Wannabe

You know the guest that's there front and center during the first dance, snapping away from various angles with a look of intensity on their face? Despite the professional photographer across the dance floor, the couple's future wedding album depends on their iPhone snaps... obviously. This person also double whammys with hundreds of snapchats, instagrams and tweets. God help us!

3. The Freeloader

These guests are also known as the random "Plus 1"... We get it, you don't really care about the I dos and you are more about the I want... warning this guest will spend most of their time around the buffet and bar.

4. The Drunk Relative

A given at any wedding, that one family member who is wearing half the entree down their front shirt by the time the main course is served and you end up wondering where half the alcohol tab went? This guest can be anyone from your distant uncle to younger baby sister. You have been warned!

5.  The Inappropriate Elder

Again, that relative ( hopefully distant) that is just way toooo much with the compliments... how many times can a creepy comment be disguised as a compliment just because it's thrown in with some hearty laugh. Back away

6. The Emotional Wreck

We have a bit of a free pass for this one, weddings are lots of fun but they are also the start to a new and happy chapter for the couple. For some family members, namely a parent who has watched their child grow up and evolve, there will always be tears to be shed. 

7. The Happy Couple Themselves!

With all the focus on everyone else in the room, we forget about the people that make weddings exist... the bride and groom! Ironically they are often the most stress free guests of the entire day , granted that they don't have any awkward very last-minute thoughts! Save for a few hilarious Bridezilla moments that most brides are entilted too, it's pretty much a sure thing that a bride and groom will often be the guest highlights of your day!

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