The Way You Sit On The Couch Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

2016-10-25 03:40:22Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Do you sprawl out onto the couch when you get home, or do you sit up straight with your right leg crossed over your knee? 

You would think that this was an irrelevant question but a company in the UK have discovered 'sofa psyches' and they could reveal more than you think.

Worldstores surveyed 2000 adults in the UK about their sex life, salaries, job satisfaction and a variety of other personality traits and filtered them through to body language expert Robert Phipps.

He then developed the 12 'sofa psyches' and we wonder what category we fall into.


1. The Twister Crosser

If you sit on the couch this way, it means you're comfortable with where you live.

"Adopting a natural and relaxed sitting position with shoulders and hands settling into a position of comfort," Robert explained.

This group love to relax and earn the second highest salary of the bunch, although you may not exactly be happy with work at the moment. 

2. The Sofa Hogger

If you let your legs sit on the couch then you fall into this category

"Taking up this much space is a dominant way to sit on a sofa, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are dominant in general."

Sitting this way means you're quite the social butterfly, funnily enough, and you're very content with your personal life.

3. The Tucking Leaner

These are the people who curl up in a ball and look like they're in the foetal position.

Robert says that this position actually doesn't show aniexty, but instead shows that you're "dealing with life’s stresses with ease."

These guys are happy in their social lives as well as their work lives so really, if you sit like this you're killing it.

4. The 'Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Jack'

Yep, that's the official title.

"We see the person in this position stretching out to the full and adopting an almost horizontal position similar to being asleep"

It would come as no surprise that this position means you love to relax at home, but it also means that you may not exactly be happy at work, which is a bit of a bummer.

5. The Precise Percher

"A formal and slightly restrained position, being perched on the front of the sofa shows an element of unease."

If you sit up straight and don't really relax, then you're not exactly a risk-taker, although you do love your job.

6. The Sofa Buddha

Like Buddha himself, if you sit up straight and cross-legged on the couch, meaning you are calm.

On the other hand, you're also active, healthy and more likely to take risks.

7. The Loud And Proud

Open leg and open arms, you're an open person, for sure. 

People in this category usually earn quite a high wage but don't feel too successful in your career.

8. The Floor Rebel

This is a survey about people who sit on couches, so why include someone who shuns it altogether? 

These people follow their own rules, or really just don't like their couch.

9. The Floppy Koala

The koala is laying belly first on the back of the couch and is the position you would no doubt see kids do more than anyone. 

This person is able to chill out anywhere and may be a bit eccentric.

10. The Rule Breaker

If you choose to sit with your bottom on the back of the couch and your back on the seat, this is you.

This position proves you're either really weird or just like to look at the world in a different way.

11. The 'I'm Not Staying Long'

This person sits on the arm of the couch, ready to bolt at a moment's notice.

These people feel that they're busy all the time and cannot relax.

12. The Back Seater

Back seaters find the back of the couch most comfortable and plce their feet on the seat. 

These people like to feel dominant and above everyone around them.

So which one are you?

Image: nbc

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