The Reason Why We Get So Freakin’ Easily Distracted

2016-10-10 00:17:14Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

A Girl Has No Name... But if you must know I'm Hayley, aka Numpty 'coz I'm a clutz. I'm a Scoopla content producer, actor, martial artist, and you'll often find me binge-watching Netflix with my partner.

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These days, considering how many different things we have being thrown our way, from phones to Facebook to work to bills to social lives, it can be hard to stay focused on one thing.

It seems like our attention spans are shortening further and further, because we get distracted so gosh darn easily it’s almost impossible to – Oh is that the smell of cinnamon toast we smell cooking?! … Someone seriously needs to turn the music down in here –

… Sorry… We got a bit distracted there.

You know you’ve all done it and spaced out mid-meeting.

Well, a group of psychologists have banded together to give us an explanation as to why our attention spans are so sh*t and it kinda makes sense.

Psychologists from the University of Illinois published a report in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General has revealed that our level’s of distraction are determined by just how engaging the task is that we are doing.

It turns out that the old theory of us being more distracted during difficult tasks was disproven, because their results showed that people are more likely to get distracted when the task they’re doing is easier.

How many times have we found ourselves sitting down to do something even a little kid could do, and we become instantly interested in everything else in the room?

But when we’re involved in more mind-challenging and engaging tasks, it’s like the world disappears, right?

The report’s findings were explained by one psychologist, who said, “this suggests that focus on complex mental tasks reduces a person’s sensitivity to events in the world that are not related to those tasks.”

The whole report is actually pretty interesting and we’re totally going to find some more engaging things to do… not only so we don’t develop the attention span of Gold Fish, but also so we pick up some new hobbies!

This might finally explain why our boyfriends don’t hear us when they’ve got their heads glued to their phones playing games…

But hello, of course the more engaging thing in the room should be US.

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