The New iPhone Update That's Going To Give Everyone MAJOR Movie Rage

2017-01-07 22:28:34Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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2016 was the year of everyone waiting anxiously to see whether the new iPhone 7 would live up to the hype it generated around the world. 

As to whether it delivered or disappointed, well, that one is up to you.

But as this generation seems to be so concerned with the new, new, new, we're already speculating what the iPhone 8 has in store. 

We don't think that Apple is going to make their new phone as indestructable as an old Nokia, but there are some cool new features they are throwing about. 

However, there are some rumoured features that people aren't liking at all, and one of them is about to create a whole new form of rage to rival road rage... and it's going to be in your local cinema. 

Why? Because the new 'theatre mode' feature and update is being tossed about again, which will essentially dim your phone so you're not disturbing everyone else in the cinema as you mindlessly scroll through your phone and waste your movie ticket money...

We know that some of you do this, but everyone is already confused as to why Apple would make this a feature, because:

1. We ALL know how annoying it is when the person in front of us is on their phone and we can see the light from it... dimming the light ain't gonna change a thing. 

2. You need time away from your phone, people!

3. Your wasting money. Wanna scroll on your phone? Don't go to the movies. 

4. If you do this on a date, you're guarateed to get the boot. 

The Twitterverse is now abound with reactions to the rumours, and needless to say, we were expecting this...

Switch your phones on silent at the cinemas, folks, and enjoy the movie in front of you. 

Image Credit: Apple. 

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