The List Of The Most Popular Baby Names For 2017 Has Arrived

2017-02-08 03:27:50Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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If you’re having a baby or have plans on getting knocked up OR if you’re getting a pet that is basically your child… READ THIS.

We can’t imagine how tough it would be to pick a name for a human that they literally have to have for the rest of their lives… so thankfully the guys over at Nameberry have put together a list of what is predicted to become the most popular baby names for this year.

Hopefully this makes your job a bit easier.


1. Tatjana

2. Alizeh

3. Tahiti

4. Moana

5. Ines

6. Seren

7. Rosamund

8. Alisha

9. Samara

10. Lilian

11. Kyra

12. Sutton

13. Noor

14. Arielle

15. Reina

16. Calista

17. Marisol

18: Arcadia

19. Ophelia

20. Zoey


1. Kyd

2. Benajah

3. Sulien

4. Koa

5. Gunther

6. Cassian

7. Beauregard

8. Albie

9. Issac

10. Lucien

11. Ragnar.

12. Alden

13. Dante

14. Marcel

15. Xander

16. Bowie

17. Kane

18. Arrow

19. Sherlock

20. Mateo

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