The Honeymoon Stage Is Over But You're In For Something BETTER

2017-01-22 02:29:45Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

A Girl Has No Name... But if you must know I'm Hayley, aka Numpty 'coz I'm a clutz. I'm a Scoopla content producer, actor, martial artist, and you'll often find me binge-watching Netflix with my partner.

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Relationships can be tricky things, sometimes, but they are one of the most beautiful gifts and experiences you'll get out of life.

After all, love makes the world go 'round and fills you with happiness. 

However, when you're entering into a relationship, feelings can sometimes confuse you. 

You should all know what people call the 'honeymoon phase' by now. 

That stage in a relationship where the I can't keep my hands off of you 24/7 period kind of just drifts away. 

Believe it or not, but science has proven that this 'honeymoon phase' is a real thing, but the reasons for why it slowly turns into something else isn't something you need to freak out about.

When you first fall in love, you're hit with a tonne of feel-good lovey-dovey feelings, due to the intense attraction being elevated by nerve growth factor, that actually ups your level of bliss and connection with your partner. 

You're in a phase that feels like a dream, and once you've been it for a while reality sets in and you realise this is your reality

Which is not a bad thing. 

You become comfortable with each other, you know each other inside and out, and you become more aware to the things they do that aren't so cute. 

Love doesn't fade, it simply transforms into something deeper, more stable, more intimate and committed. You know what's real and you know what you have to do to make your relationship work.

Some of you might think that leaving the honeymoon phase sucks, but here's why it really doesn't... because the best is yet to come!

Your Partner Knows YOU

So you just started dating someone and you've listened to everything they've told you, but you're only just scratching the surface of who they really are. 

After months or years, you gradually get to intimately know every detail you can about the love of your life, which means they're doing the same with you!

And don't we all want someone to really, truly know us? Yes. 

So there's some amazing things in store. 

You Don't Have To Spend All Day Overthinking Something Little

Ever got a text from a GF or BF and overthought every tiny detail about it until they finally reply after their day at work?

Yeah, us too. 

But once you really know your partner, you'll know when your overthinking is unneccessary. 

It's More Stable

When you're past the 'honeymoon phase' and you've survived what life has thrown at you, you know that your partner is going to be there for you no matter what. 

That stability means more than you could know.

Weird You Appears

No one wants to hide their inner weirdness, and once you're comfortable with your partner (completely comfortable!) then your true self normally comes out from hiding. 

It feels so good to not have to worry about being judged or monitoring your weird dancing habits.

They Know How To Please You

Your partner starts to know the food you love, the books and films you like, and how to really get you going down there...

If you know what I mean. 

You no longer have to worry if you're doing something wrong or if they like what you're doing, because you know and they know exactly what you like.

Space Isn't A Scary Word

Ever had a new partner say 'they 'need space' and you start to freak out, thinking it's the end?

Well, when you've been in a relationship for a while you begin to realize that space isn't always a scary thing. 

Sometimes when we get on each other's nerves or things are at their wits end, we all need a bit of alone time to collect our thoughts and save ourselves from saying something we didn't mean, all because we were Mr/Mrs Grouch one afternoon.

Doing Absolutely Nothing Becomes AMAZING

When you start dating you think there's the obligation to come up with some complex and amazing date plan, with various locations. 

As you grow closer, you realise that there's just as much joy and intimacy in sitting on the lounge together, cuddling and just binge-watching Netflix all day. 

Love shines through in the small things.

Films and books only seem to promote to us all these things: 

- The lovey dovey beginnings of relationships, 

- The disasterous endings of relationships, and

- That lust and sex = love. 

Well, as we all should know by now, these are not the things which make up a relationship. 

Perhaps Hollywood should show the 'comfortable' stage of a relationship we exist in after this so-called 'honeymoon stage'?

Maybe then we will all stop thinking our relationship has gone down hill when, really, we are just existing in perfect content and comfortability with someone who loves us as much as we love them. 

Honeymoons aren't eternal, but your love is.

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