The ‘Gingers Have Souls’ YouTuber Just Posted First Pictures As A Woman

2016-08-05 06:32:20Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It was the viral video that we ALL watched back in 2010, yes we are talking about the epic rant called ‘Gingers Have Souls’.

The account back in the day was called ‘CopperCab’ and the videos soon became known all across the world.

They first began after an episode of South Park which Cartman claimed that ginger haired people didn’t have souls… CUE THE RANT.

These days, angry YouTuber, CopperCab now has a brand new life, Born as Michael Kittrell took some time away from the YouTube Life… we are guessing the cash from the ‘Gingers Have Souls’ merch kept life steady for a while… but now CopperCab is back and has announced on Twitter that she has transitioned into a female named Claire and she is so incredibly beautiful.

She revealed that she hadn’t been on YouTube for the past 5 months because she was undergoing hormone replacement treatment.

Claire posted a very brave and touching video called 'I'm done pretending. #TransPride' which is gaining views by the second.

She captioned the video with, “Please watch the whole way through before you judge. I am so tired. I've tried filming this 100 times today and I am not happy with how the video went but I was fighting an anxiety attack throughout the whole thing. Not going to try filming this again. Take it or leave it, this is who I am. No longer going to hide. Thanks.

Lots Of Love xoxo

p.s. I know I look terrible right now in the video, but in my defense I have had a lot of trouble filming this I was up all night with anxiety crying not knowing how I was going to even do this but I knew that I had to do it for my own health I needed to get this off my chest and now I'm glad that I have done so. feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Tissues, anyone?

Soon after posting the video she received so many comments of support! We are so, so, SO happy she has finally found herself.

Look at how much of a babe she is.

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