The Broke Girl's Guide To Saving In Sydney

2016-09-23 05:27:00Z
Money Brilliant
Money Brilliant

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Money, without it, where would we be? 

In Sydney, we know that you're basically going to end up spending at least a little bit of money no matter what you do, which sucks if you're broke.

But, thanks to MoneyBrilliant, we're helping all of our fellow broke girls out there with some super tips on how to save money whilst living in the big city! To see where your money REALLY goes, head to the MoneyBrilliant website.

1. Instead Of Going Out For Dinner, Host A Dinner Party!

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This is something that is actually a lot of fun. If you want to try some new cuisine with your friends, why not get them to bring a plate over to your house? By doing this, not only will you have a variety of food to choose from, it'll also cost you a fraction of what it would cost going out to dinner! Plus, now you can taste that dessert recipe that she's always going on about.

2. Instead Of Getting A Spa Treatment, Give Yourself One At Home!


This is something you've probably heard about MANY times. A lot of women go to spas to get their regular facials and hairdressers to have their hair treated, but instead of paying hundreds of dollars, why not spend $10 on a treatment at home? With so many sheet masks, clay masks, cleansers, oils and hair treatments on the market, you could give yourself a full spa treatment for only a fraction of what you'd spend elsewhere.

3. Instead Of Shopping In Store, Shop Online!

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Many women still prefer to travel to their favourite stores to buy the best clothes, shoes and accessories. What they may not realise, though, is that you can actually save money by shopping online. Whether you're using an app or the site itself, you can get some pretty big discounts by using certain discount codes, so that you're spending less on that sweet party dress and also, it saves you fuel and public transport fares to the stores.

4. Instead Of Getting Off At Your Normal Bus Stop, Get Off A Stop Earlier And Walk!

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So simple yet so hard to forget. If you hop off the bus or train just one or two stops before your regular one, not only will you save money on your public transport fare, but you'll also be getting some exercise. One of the best things about Sydney is its access to public transport. It takes only 10 minutes to walk between stations and bus stops in the city, so this little extra exercise will not only give you some fresh air, it'll also get you where you need to be with no worries!

Happy saving friends!

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