Take Note! This Is Going To Be The Big Interior Trend Of 2017

2017-01-08 01:08:45Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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By now you would have seen many fashion and beauty trend predictions for 2017, there hasn't been too much word about upcoming interior trends.

In 2016, everyone had marble, copper and rose gold pieces carefully placed around their homes making them look glamorous for an incredibly small price (Kmart, we love you), but what comes next?

Pantone usually have a fair idea about what colours will be everywhere and this year, their colour 'Greenery' is supposed to be in everyone's homes, but it looks like this very unique colour will also be sneaking into your decor.

Everyone, be sure to look out for 'Greige'.


'Greige', as the name suggests, is a subtle mix of beige and grey and looks beautiful on your wall.

It'll make each room look sophisticated and elegant, just like your rose gold pieces did last year.

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The great thing about 'Greige' is that it goes with anything!

If you've become attached to your marble coffee table and gold tealight, the colour will compliment it and make it look brand new!


If you're not ready to fully commit to a 'Greige' home, buying little accent pieces in the tone will still revamp your home so don't feel bad about starting small.

Keep an eye out for this colour because it'll be appearing in your favourite decor stores very soon.


Image: Country Living

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