Study Links Booze to 7 Different Types Of Cancer

2016-07-29 06:22:39Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Not the best news as we head into the weekend…

We all know alcohol should be consumed in moderation, but a shocking new study reveals exactly how harmful that next glass of wine could be.

Scientists in New Zealand have found there’s enough evidence to suggest a link between the consumption of alcohol and the development of seven different types of cancer.

They found there’s epidemiological proof that can support the view alcohol causes cancer of the oropharynx, larynx, oesophagus, colon, liver, rectum and breast.

Cancer Council CEO Professor Sanchia Aranda told 2DayFM it’s an important risk factor they are aware of.

“We’ve known since the 1980’s that alcohol is a cause of cancer, this study adds some understanding in bowel and stomach cancer but we’ve known about breast, head and neck and liver cancers for some time.”

“The more you drink the more your risk.”

She added that booze often leads to other poor choices.

“When you drink and smoke together that also increases your risk, particularly of the head and neck cancers and alcohol is also associated with factors relating to obesity. People that drink a lot tend to have a poorer diet and are overweight which increases your cancer rate.”

In Australia, three thousand cancer deaths were directly linked to booze in 2010.

Professor Aranda said Aussies are guilty of underestimating how much alcohol they consume.

“We certainly normalise excessive alcohol consumption and we need to be doing more to make alcohol a smaller part of our social lives. Try to be mindful of how much you drink and don’t use it as the only way to have a good time!”

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