Student High On Pain Killers Accidentally Emails Her Teacher Post Wisdom Teeth Op

2016-12-02 02:07:03Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Imagine the struggle and the pain of getting your wisdom teeth out… like you’re already miserable enough. And then you do something like this… that makes the inner pain go from about an 80 to an 8000000.

Well it seems that Abby had a pretty bad reaction to her painkillers… and well… she emailed her teacher this…

Because the Internet is the Internet the tweet has gone viral.

We can’t even imagine.

Oh and it gets worse… her teacher replied WITH THIS!

Thankfully Kevin was a good sport about it.

Poor Abby Jo Hamele (pronounced hah-mil-lee) you know... in case you were wondering.

Image Credit: @jabbyo3/ Twitter

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