Struggling With Being An Adult? Maybe Take A Look At Adulting School

2016-11-18 04:28:25Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Ever struggled with adulting?

A little unsure about what adulting even is? 

Making a dental appointment, paying car registration, making sure you get a replacement ATM card after your old one expires, this is adulting and some millennials are finding it hard.


So therapist Rachel Weinstein and teacher Katie Brunelle decided to open The Adulting School, to help teach adults the skills they need but were never actually taught.

Based in Portland, Maine The Adulting School holds day-long courses where you can learn how to organise your calendar, budgeting and making dental appointments and it only costs $30 per person.

Also, if you're not really too sure how good of an adult you are, you can take the Adulting IQ Test on the school's website to see where you might need some help.

So, who's ready to get their adult on?


Image: @theadultingschool

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