Store Removes Offensive Skirt Off Their Website After Fans Picked Up On This!

2016-11-27 22:35:38Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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A website has been forced to remove one of their items after fans noticed something was very off with the print.

Redbubble has been slammed online after designers somehow thought it would be acceptable to put one of the slave trade's most recognised symbols on a mini-skirt… ????

We aren’t too sure why anyone would think this would be a good idea, but here we are.

The Brookes Middle Passage Slave Ship was a British vessel used to transport African slaves across the Atlantic to the Americas.

The ship was only designed to carry roughly 482 people… but normally over 600 people would be squished into every little section that they could back in the 1780s.

The conditions were extremely dangerous… not to mention what would greet them when they departed the ship.

But for some reason… Redbubble didn’t really think this one through… maybe they thought no one would notice… or maybe they didn’t notice? Who knows?

They were forced to remove the item after they received a number of complaints online.

Image Credit: Redbubble

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