See The Moment This 5 Year Old Does Beyonce Better Than Beyonce!

2016-10-30 02:05:38Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We all think Beyonce is a queen and we also thought that no one would be able to imitate her flawlessness.

We were wrong.

With kids becoming so much more creative with Halloween costumes these days, they seem to be able to just dominate the holiday with their on point likeness of characters and celebrities.

5-year old Kylie Rae Brooks is the textbook definition of the new Halloween kids.

FIN #KylieRaeBrooks

A photo posted by Diana Alvarez (@dianalvarez) on


She dressed up as Beyonce this year and we are all clearly not worthy of her greatness.

Ya'll haters corny... #KylieRaeBrooks

A photo posted by Diana Alvarez (@dianalvarez) on


Kylie killed all of the now iconic Lemonade looks and just has the best 'Formation' face we've ever seen.

Love Drought #KylieRaeBrooks

A photo posted by Diana Alvarez (@dianalvarez) on


Hold up, they don't love you like I love you! #KylieRaeBrooks

A photo posted by Diana Alvarez (@dianalvarez) on


Keep on doing you Kylie!

Image: @dianalvarez

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