Rough Week? Here's How To Turn Your Home Into A Luxury Spa On A Budget

2016-11-27 00:20:25Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We all know you've had a big week and all you want to do right now is kick back and relax. 

A lot of women find it soothing to head to a day spa and get their bodies treated to a nice massage and seaweed wrap. Unfortunately, though, not all of us can afford such luxuries.

But if you're in need of a sweet spa day, you're in luck because we've got the secret to creating a great day spa in your own home!


Give Your Locks Some Love

Most weekends, we're huddled up in front of the television binge-watching our favourite shows on Netflix with our hair scooped up into a top knot. What you may not have realised, is that scooping your hair up into that knot is actually causing stress to your strands and can lead to unwanted breakage. So during your spa day, pop in a hair mask to give it some extra strength and shine, you can grab some from your local chemist for next to nothing!


Give Yourself A Facial That Would Make Even Kim Kardashian Jealous

These days, you can pick up a nice cleansing clay face mask or brightening facial peel from your local chemist for a cheap price. Treat yourself to one, or both, of these facial treatments to get that flawless glow that everyone will be jealous of on Monday morning.


Have A Soothing Soak

One of the best parts about a day spa is being able to de-stress in a nice warm jacuzzi or hot spring. Because not everyone has a natural hot spring bubbling in their backyard, run yourself a nice bath so you can soak out stress and increase blood flow. For an added bonus, add in a moisturising bath bomb for extra comfort and light a few candles for a more atmospheric experience.


Have Delicious Treats At The Ready

Most day spas will give their guests some nourishing food to keep them fulfilled on the inside too. During your spa day, give yourself some fancy snack like a sweet cheese platter or perfect mini sandwiches. A glass of wine never hurts either because really, who doesn't feel glamorous with a wine glass in their hand? Plus, we all know wine can be acquired on a budget.


Happy pampering!

Image: @aniab

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