REVEALED: How Much Money Do You Make If You Win A Gold Medal?

2016-08-18 00:34:44Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Our athletes don’t just compete for the glory of winning – they also get a nice cash bonus if they bring home the gold.

Australian gold medal winners in Rio receive $20,000 from the Adidas medal incentive funding program. Silver medallists are rewarded with $13,400 while bronze scores you a cool $10,000, according to Fox Sports.

This is in addition to any funding and sponsorships they already receive as part of their sporting careers.

But we’re not the only nation that rewards our winners with cold hard cash. Spare a thought for Singapore, which will have to cough up $AU983,000 after swimmer Joseph Schooling won their first ever gold medal.

In Australian dollars, here’s how the rest of the world rewards their gold medal winners:

Singapore $983,000
Indonesia $500,000
Azerbaijan $333,000
Kazakhstan $300,000
Italy $242,000
France $86,000
Russia $80,000
South Africa $47,000
USA $33,000
Germany $26,000
Canada $20,000
Australia $20,000
Papua New Guinea $8,400
Trinidad & Tobago $1000-$4000
UK, Norway, Sweden, Croatia - No bonus

Source: Fox Sports

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