There's Now A Zooper Dooper Shortage Because People Are Freaking Out About An Upcoming Heatwave

2016-12-02 01:39:37Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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It's now summer in Australia so of course, it's going to be hot!

Yesterday, Queenslanders were told that they would be in for a scorcher of a weekend with temperatures reaching the early 30's and they've started preparing themselves for the worst.


But instead of grabbing a few big bags of ice, the Sunshine State have instead decided that Zooper Doopers are what will save them from the oncoming heatwave.

A supermarket in Maroochydore has completely sold out of the colourful treats and a local resident has posted the deserted remains on Facebook. 

Maroochydore is in the middle of the Sunshine Coast which is set to reach 33 today whilst the Gold Coast is forecast for a max of 31 and Brisbane, 34.

We wonder if they can hear the residents of Darwin laughing in the distance...


But seriously though, Queensland knows that Zooper Doopers will actually save us all.

All hail the Zooper Dooper!

Be Cool it's 30 degrees outside 😅 #zooperdoopers

A photo posted by Mclaine Calunsag (@sexy_mc) on



Image: @hondat_smash

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