Police Officers Just Breath Tested A Toddler They Caught 'Drink Driving'

2016-10-22 22:29:23Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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There have been a lot of harrowing reports in the media lately of horrific police encounters and of parents being found in cars unconscious, with their toddlers in the back seats. 

You can imagine police would see some very unsettling things throughout their career, so every now and then they must have to do something to lift their spirits... which is exactly what happened this week when two police officers from Cheshire Police in the UK won the hearts of people around the globe.

A picture emerged on the Cheshire Police Facebook page, showing the two officers 'breathalysing' a youngster after she was caught 'drink driving', after reports were made that she had already had 'a couple of bottles' in the morning... but it isn't the confronting and shocking story you think.

It is actually absolutely adorable. 


An officer explained the whole situation on Facebook, saying:

"The police in this article had just arrested a male for driving while disqualified (until 2021!), no insurance and for being twice the legal drink drive limit. They were waiting for the duty garage to arrive to remove the offenders car, when Lily rocked up in her cool little pink mini.

"The officer explained the situation to her parents that a prolific drink driver, who lived at the bottom of their road had been arrested and his car seized. Made up with the fact that their daughter could now play safely outside, the officers were asked to pose for a picture with their daughter! The officer asked the toddler to blow into the breath test device, just like blowing up a balloon. The same analogy he uses with all suspected drink drivers.

"She was a natural!.... The offender was remanded in custody and appeared before North Cheshire Magistrates the following day, where he was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison. A great job by all involved as part of #OperationDriveInsured and especially Lily, who managed to swerve in on the action as it happened!"


These are the kinds of uplifting and positive interactions with authorities in the community we need to see more of! 

How adorable!

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