8 Perfect Date Spots

2016-01-12 00:26:00Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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The word ‘date’ can be interpreted in a few ways. Sometimes it’s when you have to impress another person to see each other again. Sometimes it’s simply hanging with your bestie. And sometimes it’s you sharing good times with an ice cream.

However you interpret the word ‘date’, you will have a great time in one or all, of these perfect date spots.


The Park

On a sunny day, you can’t go past sitting in a park with a picnic, a glass of something bubbly and maybe a book.



The Park 2.0

See above and add some extra delight by hanging out in a dog park! It can look a little weird if you don’t BYO dog… but you don’t need to impress anyone. If your date judges you, do you really want to be with them?



The Zoo/Aquarium

Looking at something cute is the best way to spend time with someone else without looking at them. Perfect if you’re flying solo.




This is a great spot for chatting, gossiping and, of course, eating. For the solo diner, you can keep an eye out for a hot barista.


A Fancy Bar

Organise a trip out to a bar that’s rather la de da and have a night out like rich people. You can drink actual cocktails - not ones premixed from a beer tap, drink wine a level higher than house, and share cheese from a platter.



A gig

Why wouldn’t you drag someone along to see someone you love more than your partner!?



Kmart / Ikea

Self explanatory.


A market

Food, cute handmade things, music and food. At this time of year night markets start to pop up and they’re way better than a Saturday morning – unless you like cheap bok choy.



The movies

You could go to the regular movies, or you can make the most of the good weather and hit Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinema (with some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, obvi) as it heads around the country. Right now it’s in Brisbane until 13 November. Book your tix here.


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