People Aren’t Having It With This Couple’s Choice Of Baby Name

2017-01-12 21:49:31Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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A couple has created quite a stir after they chose this name for their baby.

When we think of unusual baby names, let’s be real, the list can be endless. But who are we to judge, we aren’t the parents.

But for some reason, the people over at Mumsnet have a few things to say about this couple naming their newborn Felicia.

It has literally started drama all across the website. The mothers did not hold back.

Here is the thing. Felicia's parents like the name… but they don’t want you to pronounce it as Felicia. Are you following?

Her mum took to the website to explain, saying, “My husband and I like the name Felicia. But we would pronounce it 'Fuh-liss-ee-a' rather than like 'Feleesha.

What would you think if you saw a baby with this name? Would people always pronounce it wrong?”

Is anyone else confused? Because same. 

Anyways, the mum’s did not hold back!

They instantly replied to the post saying, “Don't give your child a name you are going to deliberately mispronounce.”

Another added, “Don't do it. People will mispronounce her name for all her life. Either use the common pronunciation or give her a different name.”


They didn’t stop there... another Mum said, “I'd hate you for it. You can't go using a name and choosing your own random pronunciation for it and not expect your child to be properly pissed off with you. There are millions of names, choose one you actually like the sound of.”

Okay, that’s it; we are naming our child Bob.

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