People Aren't Happy That This Kid's Show Let A Character Off For Murder

2016-09-10 03:22:28Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Little children's show are supposed to be all sunshine, lollipops, butterflies, and subtle life lessons presented in an innocent way, right? 

Well, that's what we thought until we found out about a recent episode of the popular CBeebies show Bing

There's certainly butterflies in it, but it's the very situation the butterfly finds itself in that has caused debate among parents...

The episode features the show's Bunny, Bing, catching a butterfly in the kitchen. He then proceeds to show it to his friends and they soon realise the butterfly is no more... Bing squashed it.... in his bare hands. 

The murderer!

Yes, Bing, you were 'carrreeeful'....

Okay, so it's not murder in the way we think of it, but it's caused quite a bit of controversy for a kids show featuring death and killing!

The show had actually posted a status before the show, saying, "*WARNING* Bing catches a butterfly at 9:10 and 13:10 today. 

He grasps a little too tight, so be prepared to answer your little one's questions when the butterfly doesn't wake up."

If that's not a classic example of euphemism than we don't know what is... because we all know the butterfly isn't just 'not waking up'.

Controversy over the inclusion of the scene has many people wondering whether this was just the show's way of thrusting the concept of one's demise onto children sooner rather than later. 

One parent commented on CBeebies status, saying, "I remember when my son first saw this episode, He had just turned one and spent the rest of the day mashing stuff violently between his hands."

Another parent said, "That, son, is called murder and in some placs Bing would be taken away..."

However, there is a lesson to be learned that's not centred on the feared 'D' word.

The show could also be trying to teach kids to be gentle with wildlife, which is a plus, because we don't want our kids frying ants with a magnifying glass... Like we know some of you did.

Image Credit: CBeebies

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