People Are Fuming Over The Top Paying Jobs In Australia

2016-11-29 03:50:27Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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The highest earning jobs in Australia for men and women have been revealed.

Figures released in The Australian Taxation Office’s Taxation Statistics Report 2012-13 (the most recent figures available) have revealed which occupations are bringing in the dough, and just how huge that gender pay gap is.  

Surgeons and other medical specialists topped the list for men, while for women, judges were the highest earners followed by neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons. 

“On the surface, the disparity of income between men and women in the same field of medicine, for example, is surprising,” specialist medical accounting principal Alan McGillivray of Alan McGillivray & Associates said.

“However the ATO figures didn’t distinguish between full and part-time, so it’s difficult to draw too many conclusions.”

Take a look at the top 10 - 


1. Neurosurgeon $577,674
2. Ophthalmologist $552,947
3. Cardiologist $453,253
4. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $448,530
5. Gynaecologist; Obstetrician $446,507
6. Otorhinolaryngologist $445,939
7. Orthopaedic surgeon $439,629
8. Urologist $433,792
9. Vascular surgeon $417,524
10.  Gastroenterologist $415,192


1. Judge – law $355,844
2. Neurosurgeon $323,682
3. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $281,608
4. Futures trader $281,600
5. Vascular surgeon $271,529
6. Gynaecologist; Obstetrician $264,628
7. Gastroenterologist $260,925
8. Magistrate $260,161
9. Anaesthetist $243,582
10.  Ophthalmologist $217,242

Based on these stats we’re thinking we should either become a judge or a man.  

The full list of the top 50 jobs for men and women

Gender pay gap between men and women? Australia says yeah, nah, not happy Jan!  

What surprised you about the stats? Let us know in our Facebook comments! 

Image: NBC

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